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Dagens health scare

Här kommer dagens health scare. MEN HERREGUD vaf*n ska man ha på sig då? Allt är ju tydligen farligt nuförtiden. De senaste studierna visar följande:

Tighta jeans: Squeezing into tight pants (or cinching belts too tight) can cause nerve compression, numbness and digestive issues. (SHIT!)

Höga klackar: The narrow toe box and high heels of stiletto shoes wreak a lot of havoc, including bunions, hammer toes, nerve damage, bone death, stress fractures and ankle sprains. (SHIT!!)

Örhängen: About 20% of body piercings develop a bacterial infection. (SHIT!!!)

Stringtrosor:Rough seams can cause chafing and small breaks in sensitive skin. This allows for fungal growth and bacterial infections. Heat and friction of sexual activity can make these infections worse. (SHIT!!!!)

Och så för killarna:

Slips/för tight krage: Tight ties and shirt collars (67% of men by shirts that are too small at the neck) can cut off circulation to the head, causing blurry vision, headache and tingly ears.


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